Electrical inspector



  • Detailed planning review at the planning stage and its adaptation to the instructions of the equipment manufacturers and the technical coordination requirements of the electricity network owner
    * Responsibility throughout the life of the project, which includes support for the project managers in the preparation of schedules and process monitoring, reflecting risks and accompanying the engineering relationship between the consultants and the developer and between the developer and the contractor
    * Supervision of the quality of the electrical works performed by the contractors during construction, including accompanying the tests and commissioning
    * Control and planning versus execution of the contractors versus bills of quantities and execution plans
    * Control and planning versus execution of subcontractors, including management and supervision companies
    * Mapping of regulatory requirements and required time periods in the grid connection phase, including the preparation of a connection schedule and leading and supporting the entire grid connection process



Engineer/electrical engineer with a licensed electrician engineer/engineer
Over 5 years of previous experience in performing electrical work (low voltage and high voltage)
Experience in setting up solar and renewable energy sites
Experience in energy storage – a significant advantage
Ability to work independently and in a team
Ability to manage several interfaces and tasks at the same time