Elements VC


About us

Climatech VC: Choosing to invest in a growing technology sector

Energy focused: as the major sector impacting global emissions

For early-stage enterprises: Investing early in the revolutionary tech of tomorrow (Seed – Series B)

Our mission is to discover new technologies as well as accelerate development of early-stage technologies. Backed by Enlight, we are now ready to enter a rapidly growing market that will remain relevant in the coming decades. We are committed to addressing short-term challenges that are critical for all of humanity.


Why act now?

Net-zero is an essential condition for maintaining a stable climate. We have a limited window of opportunity to achieve this goal and to slow climate change.

Energy consumption drives our global system and is responsible for most carbon emissions. Massive investment in the energy sector is required to reduce global emissions effectively.

Nations and markets are turning their attention and resources to green solutions. Global investment has shown massive growth in the climatech sector.

Climate technology innovation is an absolute necessity.


Who are we looking for?

Seed to B Series

Core: energy technologies where we have a clear value-add with the support of a global renewable IPP (Enlight).

Energy-related: touchpoints with energy-intensive industries where there is a potential to access disruptive technology.

Broader climate tech: to pursue on an opportunistic basis.

Our value proposition for startups:

Patient capital: our experience across the energy value chain enables us to uniquely identify areas for tech disruption.

Ability to scale companies: from PoC to commercialized product.

Global network: taking companies to a global audience. Deep market insights – understanding of technological solutions that can be commercialized and scaled.