Greenfield Development

Enlight possesses unique greenfield development capabilities across its target markets, enabling it to develop renewable energy projects from scratch. This entails navigating complex development challenges across the following verticals: real estate, interconnection, permitting, environmental, and offtake. We must obtain land rights for the project's footprint, identify points in the electricity grid that can accommodate large-scale projects at an attractive cost and reasonable schedule, secure all relevant governmental permits, including building permits and environmental requirements, and find a buyer for the power generated by the project.

In order to succeed as a greenfield developer, we maintain a local presence in each of our largest markets. Development is ultimately a local business. What makes us unique is our ability to combine our local development presence with our global infrastructure and know-how, optimizing our conversion rate on our development projects. Through our differentiated capabilities as both a local developer and global company, we have succeeded in completing the development of 4 GW of projects to date.