Educating the next generation

Our community strategy focuses on nurturing youth in peripheral areas and increasing their social mobility. We combine volunteer activities, collaborations with NGOs, and financial donations. We carefully choose our NGO partners so as to maximize our impact on future leaders, who will have the power to implement policies and take action towards achieving net-zero emissions. Enlight’s employees participate in outdoor trainings, deliver lectures, and lead meetings about renewable energy and climate change.

At the same time, we work to empower the communities around our projects. Our projects contribute to the socio-economic development of peripheral regions around the world and strengthen resilience amongst those regions’ communities. We empower such communities by boosting local markets, creating demand for local businesses, generating new jobs, developing infrastructure etc.
Our Activities
Nirim Youth Village
Light up your life
Helping at-risk teens in Israel
"Maaof City"
Spread your Wings
Encouraging youth from peripheral areas in Israel to perform meaningful service in the IDF
Mehashvim Maslul
Calculate Your Route
Promoting Technological Innovation
Overcome Any Challenge
Empowerment through outdoor challenge sports
Special Olympics - Gilboa Ma'ayanot
play on the same Court
Creating an Inclusive World
Dare to Move Forward
overcoming the challenges of life in the periphery