Nirim Youth Village

Light up your life

Nirim Youth Village is committed to creating meaningful educational-therapeutic processes for at-risk teens in Israel. The village is located in northern Israel and offers a unique residential setting for 100 at-risk teens between the ages of 14-18, some of whom were removed from their homes by the Youth Protection Authority or referred by the Juvenile Court as an alternative to jail. The teens have a full day-to-day routine that includes school and after-school activities such as sports, music, and art.

A key part of the program is a three-month wilderness therapy retreat at an isolated farm in northern Israel. The retreat is led by professional staff that help the teens overcome personal, physical, and emotional challenges, while instilling respect and care for nature. As part of this therapy, the boys set out on a five-day hike to reach to the farm, and once they have successfully completed their time there, they journey back by foot to rejoin their friends at the Youth Village. This farm was built about ten years ago very far from the nearest village and with no electricity.

Enlight donated 100 solar panels that will provide the farm with electricity for lighting, heating, air conditioning and mechanical milking.