• Country: Croatia. Power: 574 MW
  • Country: Hungary. Power: 383 MW
  • Country: Ireland. Power: 14 MW
  • Country: Israel. Power: 1559 MW
  • Country: Italy. Power: 290 MW
  • Country: Kosovo. Power: 105 MW
  • Country: Serbia. Power: 337 MW
  • Country: Spain. Power: 1311 MW
  • Country: Sweden. Power: 485 MW
  • Country: United States. Power: 13552 MW

Our Portfolio

With a geographically and technologically diverse portfolio of Mature Projects, including 5.4 GW of generation capacity and 5.7 GWh of energy storage capacity, we enjoy the benefits of steady cash flow from our Operational Projects and significant visibility into our near-term growth from our Mature Projects under construction, in pre-construction, or contracted with signed PPAs.

In addition to our Mature Project, we posses an Advanced Development portfolio of 4.75 GW of generation capacity and 13.86 GWh of energy storage capacity projects, which we expect to start construction between 13-24 months. The Advanced Development portfolio provides us with significant visibility into the medium-term growth of the company.

Behind the advanced development portfolio, we have a large pipeline of Development projects totaling 10.44 GW of generation capacity and 13.2 GWh of energy storage capacity projects.

The composition of our portfolio reflects the key advantage of being both a greenfield developer and an IPP. We benefit from clear visibility on the organic growth of our business in the short-term, medium term and long term.