Halutziot 1&2


Halutziot is our largest operational solar energy project in Israel. Halutziot has been operational since 2015 and, to our knowledge, was one of the largest solar energy projects built in Israel at the time. In order to further our activity in Israel, we have replaced the older solar panels of the project with more efficient panels, enabling us to add an additional solar and storage project around Halutziot (Halutziot 2). Halutziot 2 is part of our Solar + Storage 1 cluster in Israel. The project highlights our development capabilities, showcasing our ability to leverage existing project infrastructure to add attractive development potential and further grow our activity.

Project Features

Project Status
Operational Halutziot 1
Operational Halutziot 2
Expected Commercial Operation Date
Installed Capacity
55 MW Halutziot 1
32 MW Halutziot 2
Storage Capacity
55 MWh

Project Media