Operations manager of subsidiaries



• Responsible for determining policies, resources, work processes, uniform standards, procedures and controls on the manner of implementation in the subsidiary company
• Building and implementing routines, measurement and control in decision-making processes
• Examining the economic viability of new projects
• Formulation of work processes in the areas of corporate governance, infrastructures and information systems
• Determining work procedures between the headquarters and the subsidiary
• Integration and linking arm for ongoing management between the activities of the subsidiaries
• The direction and road marking for increasing the activity with Midan and Electra
• Monitoring and control of the activity (commercial)
• Building and implementing the PMI program


• Proven experience in leading PMI/mergers processes
• Experience in setting policies, work processes, procedures and controls
• Proven ability in establishing and operating new business units
• Experience from strategic consulting companies – a significant advantage
• Experience from the worlds of project management (contractors, suppliers, municipalities…)
• Business understanding and analytical ability
• Full control of corporate governance – an advantage
• Distinct business orientation
• Ability to manage a business profit and loss unit
• Organization and management abilities at a high level of complexity